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12X 2.4GHz A/S/H W R1221 Receiver No Servos

Product Code: JRP 12 CH 2.4 RADIO TX AND RX



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Product Features

  • DSM/DSM2 compatible
  • Compatible with all Spektrum and JR DSM brand aircraft receivers
  • R1221 receiver included
  • 50-model memory
  • Advanced programming with more features for today's complex models
  • One transmitter for all model types, includes programming for Air, Heli, and Sailplane
  • Improved gimbal assemblies for better performance and feel
  • Includes aluminum transmitter case


JR’s phenomenal 12X. The ultimate combination of pro-class performance, security, convenience and quality.

As a product of inspired collaboration between JR and Spektrum engineers, the integrated 12X 2.4 and module-based 12X MV represent a true breakthrough in pro-class radio control. So in addition to flying with the proven security and convenience of Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM® technology, you can expect to be flying with the kind of innovative, no-nonsense features you expect from JR®—features devoted solely to the experience of flying with optimized control of your models.

Ultra-fast 2.4GHz DSM2 control response, plus refined 2048 resolution.

The extreme low latency of the 12X—a result of JR/Spektrum cooperation and ingenuity—delivers an astonishing sense of connection with your model. It’s a feature that prompted perennial World Championship competitor Quique Somenzini to declare the prototype “unbelievable, amazing!” after only one flight. Also, thanks to another 12X breakthrough, all 12 channels respond to commands with identical speed and perfect synchronization for unprecedented control precision. Then, to top it off, the instantaneous response of the 12X is complemented by the accuracy of JR’s refined 2048 resolution.

Exclusive patented ModelMatch™ technology to prevent “wrong model syndrome,” plus 50-model memory.

Here’s how ModelMatch works: If you’re operating on 2.4GHz and your transmitter doesn’t “recognize” your model as the selected model when your airborne system is turned on, there’ll be absolutely no control response. You’ll be alerted that something’s wrong and a costly crash may be averted.* Also, the 12X’s included PC Data Transfer System permits you to upload an unlimited number of model setups from your transmitter to your computer, then access and download any 50 of them to your 12X transmitter’s model memory for use at the field.

Unmatched JR quality in every detail.

From its exclusive, durable, precision-cast magnesium transmitter housing to its ultra-legible, high-resolution backlit display, everything about your 12X speaks of the kind of quality that’s a benchmark of JR equipment. The ultra-smooth, quad-bearing stick assemblies, proven rolling selector data input, accessible shoulder-mounted momentary contact switches—and details like the custom naming capability for flight modes—all contribute to the unmistakable feeling that you’re flying with the very best, most intelligently conceived pro-class equipment that’s ever been introduced. Your JR dealer is expecting to take delivery of the first 12X radios soon, so keep in touch. You’ve waited a long time for this radio, so please be patient just a little longer. You’ll be glad you were.

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